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Make Your Bathroom Comfortable for Disabled and Elderly

Taking care for the needs of disabled and elderly persons is not an easy task, because they often find it really difficult to move around your house. Their biggest problem is slick surfaces and other restrictions of bathroom. You can solve their problem and provide them a comfort zone by carefully planning your Bathroom Renovations. Try to renovate your bathroom in a way to make it extremely comfortable for the elder and disabled relatives. Your renovations will be based on the conditions of family members. Try to renovate your bathroom in safer way for the all members of house.


Replace Your Shower and Tub

The disabled and elderly persons face the biggest challenge while taking bath. The person on wheelchair can’t use traditional shower and tub. The person finds it difficult to step over the edge of tub with a chair. Try to install trackless shower in your bathroom without any barrier so that the wheelchair can easily go inside. A folding shower door is also a good option for disabled and elderly persons.

It will be good to install walk in tub for the convenience, because the tub is deeper than other bathtubs. The tub has a raised seat and it is really easy to raise the seat. Trackless shower and walk-in tub will give a perfect combination for the elderly and disabled persons.

Raised Toilet Seat

The low toilet seat is uncomfortable for the elderly and disabled persons while getting on and off the seat. Do not forget to replace your toilet seat during Bathroom Renovations to make your toilet comfortable for disabled persons. Your toilet seat should be 2 to 6 inches high and features hand grips for the easy movement from the wheelchair to toilet seat. Do not forget to install grab bars alongside your toilet for the convenience of your relatives.

Install Lever Handle Faucets

The disabled and aged persons can’t move their hand easily, and they find it difficult to turn the knob of bathroom sink or shower. It can be really frustrating for them, therefore replace the knob faucets with lever-handle controls to make it easy for the elderly persons to operate the faucet. These are really easy to use and reduce the risk of accidents.

Improve Traction

Do not ignore the floor during bathroom renovations brisbane, because a slippery bathroom surface is really dangerous for the whole family. It is really difficult to move in the slippery bathroom with poor traction of showers. Include nonslip strips on the shower and the floor of the tub to improve traction. You can use decorative mats and rugs in the bathroom.