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Headboard Ideas

The one item in the bedroom that not many people give consideration to is the headboard. But consider the first thing people look at when they enter a bedroom and you`ll begin to see why consideration of the design of your headboard really should be on your design radar. A headboard with the Wow Factor immediately draws your eye and makes a feature of your bed. So often a headboard is just a practical part of the bed itself, rather than something that stands out and says `look at me!`

Headboard Ideas

A headboard needs to be comfortable to lean against, so you do need to be sensible, to a certain extent, when considering designs. There`s no point in going for a steampunk barbed wire design if it`s going to tear your Egyptian cotton pillows apart, no matter how amazing it looks. Similarly, an intricate curly metal tree design with intertwined leaves and branches may look absolutely stunning, but it will damage your bedding in time and could be dangerous if you have young children. Besides, you don`t want to snag your hair on it during the night. So think practical as well as aesthetic when it comes to headboard design. You will be governed to some extent by the d├ęcor of your room, unless you build your design ideas around your bed.

Co-ordinate or Clash?

It might be worth thinking about all elements of room design before you begin, so that you can co-ordinate or contrast your headboard with the overall colour scheme. There are many options out there when it comes to headboards and probably the most design useful headboards are upholstered ones, which can be made to your specification. By giving yourself the option of using your own choice of fabric, you open up your design palette even more. Using an upholstered headboard you can create instant impact and effectively make it a feature of the room. Choosing a bold design which contrasts with the rest of the room is a good design trick and works well if you have plain coloured walls. Alternatively, you can co-ordinate the headboard fabric with the curtaining, to give a more integrated look. You could experiment with making your own headboard by covering a plain one with fabric yourself, adding design detail as you go. What about adding sequins, butterflies or jewellery to the mix? Or little fairy lights along the length? Whatever headboard design choices you make, don`t forget that comfort and practicality are a large part of designer decisions. Don`t end up with a beautiful headboard in a fragile fabric that will show dirt.


There are some beautiful examples of wooden headboards and you should look around to see what`s on the market. If you want your bedding and walls to do the talking in the bedroom then something simple and classic might fit the bill better. Elegant and timeless oak with simple clean lines gives a sense of permanence and quality. Pine has had its day and darker woods are a little heavy for modern designs. But painted pine or wood is extremely current and a hand-painted white or pastel shade headboard would see your bedroom being right on trend at the current time. Co-ordinating your headboard with your bedroom furniture is easy enough with wood, since there are some fabulous furniture options available right now in classy oak or shabby chic French boudoir painted wood options. Oak beds often come with their own headboards, saving you the trouble of making a decision, but the advantage is that you usually get a beautifully designed piece which would be hard to improve on. Understated can be just as powerful as bold with the right touch, so decide which approach you want to take and have fun with your bed design.