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Glass Ball Ornaments

Glass ball ornaments are typically used to increase the charisma of holiday tree, but you can use glass ball ornaments to decorate your house also. Glass ball ornaments are available in different colors and sizes therefore these can also be used as centerpiece. Painted and beaded glass balls can prove perfect to hang near window. You can buy plain glass ball ornaments to show your creativity by painting it with different colors. There are different ideas to make glass ball ornaments more attractive and following are some ideas for your convenience:

Marbleized Ornaments

Take three or more different colors to paint inside of clear glass ball ornaments. Take translucent glass paint to give marbleized effect to ornaments. The easiest way to do this is to squirt the paint inside the glass ball ornament and tilt it in different directions to let the paint flow over to the other sides. Let the color dry before repeating the process with another color to cover the inside area of glass ball ornament.

Stained Glass Ornament

Paint outside area of glass ornament with the help of self-adhesive leading terrazzo and stained glass paint. Leading terrazzo will make it easy to separate different paint colors to give original stained look to the glass. Strips can be applied in random pattern to section out the glass ball in smaller segments. You can give any shape to each segment by filling different colors of stained glass paint in it.

Beaded Ornaments

Seed beads and crystal beads can be used to fill glass ball ornaments to make beaded ornaments. Net beading patterns can be used to fill the beads in the glass ball ornaments. Beaded net ornaments can cover halfway down the glass ball ornament. These ornaments can be draped several inches below the ornament.

Paint Ornament Scenes

You can paint a landscape scene on the outer surface of glass ball ornament with the help of acrylic paints. Outline the design on glass balls with the help of stencils and grease pencil, marker, or paint pen. Carefully fill the outline with acrylics to put life in the landscape. These can be painted with holiday themes and special events.

Etched Glass Ornament

Etching cream and self-adhesive stencils will help you to customize glass ball ornaments. Stick the stencil to the outer surface of the glass ball and fill etching cream inside according to the direction of manufacturers. Etching cream will help you to create design on the ball ornament. Do not forget to follow safety precautions of etching cream while using it.

Natural Decorations for Christmas

Christmas is coming and it is time to give an inspiring look to your house for Christmas with the help of natural decoration items. Nature-inspired decorations will give cozy and bucolic appeal to your home. It is really easy and productive to create your own decorations with the help of natural items including pines, berries, tree branches and different other natural items. You can also design a creative, but thoughtful gift for your friends and family members to let them feel special. Lots of options are available to decorate your house with natural decorations and following are some ideas that will help you in this regard:

Fruity Garland for Christmas

Lots of colorful and vibrant fruits can be used as natural décor pieces for Christmas. Fresh and dried fruits can be equally used for decoration. You can start your preparations before time by drying fruits at your own home with the help of food dehydrator or an oven. Natural popcorn, fresh cranberries, pine cones can be used to make colorful Christmas tree garland. Fruity Christmas garland can be used to enhance the beauty of fireplace mantel.

It is really simple to create fruity garland just with the help of large sewing needle, thread, and waxed dental floss. Put thread on the cranberries, popcorn pieces and different other food items of your choice to get a colorful but decorative look. Remove the needle and not the end of floss properly by leaving 12 inches free threat for further tying. You can use lemon slices or green gumdrops to make your garland more colorful.

Pine Cone Ornaments

Pine cone can be a natural ornament and you can design antique hanging with the help of pine cone. Get pine cones and paint them to add some personalized touch to the cones. Pipe cleaner can be used as thread for easy handling of pine cone ornaments. You can use shimmer and gold glitter to decorate pine cone. Spray the gold glitter on the wet paint to get extra and durable spark. You can use multicolor glitters and paints according to the overall decoration scheme. Gold or silver ribbon can be used as loop o the top of the pine for easy hanging.

Tree Branch Centerpiece

It will be a stunning centerpiece for Christmas dinner according to the weather. Manzanita tree branch can be used to design glamorous centerpiece to enhance the mood of ethereal winter. Shiny solver or gold paint can be used to spray the branch. Keep the branch on wax paper to let it dry completely before applying anything else on it. Colorful vessel can be used to pit the branch into it. Cut the florist foam and adjust it in the vase for the Manzanita branch. Use glass gems to cover the top portion of the foam and hang miniature gemstone icicle shaped ornaments on the branches.


Bring the Majesty of Autumn in Your Home

Wall decor calls for extraordinary attention as they help to set the entire ambience of your home. A 3D picture such as this autumn scene can create a majestic touch within your place with its soothing colours and tranquil setting. It provokes you to keep looking at its beautiful milieu and almost takes you to its lovely scenery with its realistic stroke. You can make it a part of your wall decor and feel close to nature where you can unwind whenever you wish. Having this 3D picture seems to take you to a utopian land, away from the hustle and bustle of life.

It is your personal choice if you would wish to put it up in your guest room to mesmerize the visitors or have it in your own bedroom and sit close to its stream whenever you wish. No matter where you may place it, this magnificent 3D picture is a perfect wall decor for any place. The perfect shades of autumn are a treat for the eyes and the stream seems to take all your worries away in its smooth flow.

The Magnificence of Beach Ocean Pictures

Your walls deserve the best accents which can do away with their dullness and endow them with life. The wall décor you opt for ought to be striking and eye-catching. This is for the reason that the walls of a house draw the attention of the onlooker immediately. If you place dull or tedious décor on it, the ambience of the entire home will be spoiled. For this reason, you need to make use of some spellbinding wall décor such as the beach ocean picture. As these accents come in 3D art, they will endow your place with unsurpassed beauty and chic.

This beach ocean picture is a perfect wall décor as it can endow your home with peerless magnificence. The mesmerizing shades of blue are truly breathtaking. This picture can hypnotize the view with its amazing setting and beauty. The palm trees and the sky kissing the ocean create a splendid scene just perfect for your home. the bridge in the middle directs your eyes right to depth of the ocean. A wall décor such as this will not only make your home look fantastic but also soothe your senses every time you look at it.