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Wallpaper Murals

A sitting room is just a sitting room, but what about moving yours to a beach? Why not sit down, relax and take in the view of palm trees lining a sandy beach backed by crystal blue waters? Maybe you would prefer to sit and watch television in a picturesque woodland setting, or even take in the New York skyline. Now with the rapid growth of digital printing, the only limit is your own imagination.

Think of a theme, any theme at all and the chances are that there is a wallpaper mural that can take that theme and create a beautiful and striking wall effect for you. From fantastic cityscapes, world maps, fine art and cartoon characters, you can bring a whole wall to life in an imaginative and creative way with ease.

Digital printing allows an image to be created in any size according to your specifications, so whether you are looking for a design for the smallest room in the house, right through to a large open-plan living area, a design can be printed out to your required dimensions. Choose by theme, by colour or by style and prepare to be dazzled by the vast array of choices.

Traditionally the preserve of children`s` bedrooms, murals used to be created painstakingly using a pencil to map out the design and then laboriously filling in the design with paint. Mistakes would have to be painted over and once the child had grown it could take several coats of paint to hide the original design. Now with wallpaper murals, it`s easy to ring the changes by simply stripping off the paper and replacing it with another design.

The rapid rise in the technology that creates these wallpaper murals has brought the idea out of the children`s room and into the sitting room and beyond. There`s not a single room in the home that cannot benefit from a bespoke wall design. Even the kitchen can become a magical place with a view to die for!

In the unlikely event that you don`t see a design that suits you, most companies that specialise in wallpaper murals offer a bespoke service. They will allow you to upload your own design or photograph which is then digitally crafted into your own personalised wallpaper, providing you with a unique talking point that all your guests will comment on and admire. We all have a photograph of a spectacular view that reminds us of a dream holiday. Now you can take that photograph, have it made into a wallpaper mural and bask in the view every single day from the comfort of your own home.

Because a wallpaper mural makes such a strong and dramatic statement in the home, it`s important to give it the space it deserves. Try not to crowd your mural with too much furniture, but allow the mural to take centre stage in your room for maximum impact. Fussy curtains and window dressings will compete with a large-scale artwork, so consider dressing your windows with roller blinds in a complementary or contrasting colour to really allow your new wall art to do the talking.