Decoration for Fishbowl

Fishbowl can be a significant addition in the decoration of your house. You can increase the appeal of fishbowl by decorating its different surfaces. You can decorate internal environment, external surface, bottom part and top opening of the fishbowl. Decoration of fishbowls will increase the eye appeal of viewers and give beautiful environment to fish. Your room setting can bring significant changes in the decoration of your house. Although, equilibriums of different shapes and sizes are available in the market, but it can be fun to decorate round or spherical shaped fish aquariums. These types of aquariums are used for freshwater fish and plants.

Decorate Internal Environment

Size of fish bowl will depend on the number of fish you want to keep in the bowl. The bowl will include different items such as sand, gravel, marble or pebbles and live or artificial plants. The bowl should contain different items to provide structures to swim around the bowl and hide behind. Sand, gravel, marble or pebbles are usually used as bottom layer of fish bowl. You can add figurine in the bottom to give classic look to fish bowl. Snow people, cartoon, farm animals, plastic toys, Santa Claus or different characters will prove added beauty in the fish bowl. Cleansing of internal environment of fish bowl on regular basis is necessary for the better health of fish.


Decoration of External Surface

Outer surface of the fish bowl can be decorated in different ways such as you can choose a pretty background scene to wrap around the fish bowl. You can use aluminum foil or other type of wrapping paper to wrap it around half of the fish bowl. It will be good to pick seasonal images or family pictures to create pleasant illusion.

Decorations for Bottom Platform

Internal bottom of the fish bowl can be decorated with marbles, stones and different other materials, but some people overlook the decoration of platform under the bowl. Silver platter and depression-glass plate will give an eye-catching look to your fishbowl. You can keep fishbowl on book shelf or surround the fish bowl with different objects like golf balls, flowers, books etc. These decorations can be changed on seasonal basis.

Decoration of Top Opening

Lips of the fishbowl can be decorated with colorful ribbon to have an appealing look. You can also hook colorful objects for the interest of visitors. Toy fish rod can also be used for the decoration of top opening of fishbowl. You can use any decorative item according to your convenience and choice to decorate top opening of the fish bowl.

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