Ornament Decorations for Christmas

There are numerous ways to decorate glass ball ornaments to decorate your tree, table and mantel accents. Your efforts and creativity can turn glass ball ornaments into handcrafted treasures. You can decorate simple ornaments to send them as gift to your friends and family members. Lots of items are available in the market; you just have to collect right items to start your work. Following are some ideas for your help and this Christmas will be the best Christmas of your life because it will be fun to decorate your house with your own hands.

Decorate Glass Ornaments with Glitter or Paint

  • Simple glass ornaments are really easy to decorate at your own home with the help of glitter, or paints. Arrange applicator because with the help of its tip you can write name of family members or Christmas greetings on the ornaments.
  • Sprinkle glitter on the glue and leave it for some time to let it dry. You can use these ornaments to decorate your Christmas, or holiday tree. You can draw a flower with glue on the balls or can draw candy canes or falling snow etc. Sprinkle the glitter on the glue to give glowing effect to ornament.
  • You can use your artistic skills to decorate glass ornament. Take a paint brush that have fine tip and make a flower or any other design on the glass ornament. You can write any word such as Christmas wishes and any favorite name.
  • It will be a good idea to pour different colors in the clear glass ball, but be careful while removing the top of the glass ball. Do not fill the ball with color because you have to swirl the color around the ball. Let the ornament dry for sometime to have best effect.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper will help you to design best decorations for Christmas as you can make different patterns with colorful tissue papers. Take clear glass ornament, take mixture of craft glue and brush the clear ornament with it. Take tissue papers of different colors and cut different strips in different shapes and paste the strips on the clear glass ornament to form different pattern. You can use colorful glass and cover half glass with tissue paper strips to have colorful look.

Use Embroidery Thread and Yarn

You can draw circles or different other shapes on the glass. You can use colorful glass to draw thread pattern on the ball. Swirls, embroidery thread, beads or decorated net to cover the outside area of glass ornament.

Criss-cross pattern, winding the yarn and thread all over the surface of glass. Leave some colorful and glossy areas to give colorful dimensions to the ball. You can add different jewels to increase the charisma of your glass ball.

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